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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I have already had one Rhinoplasty procedure and whilst the results were good, I’m still not happy with my nose.

What is the cost and what is the cheapest option for rhinoplasty?

I have had non surgical nose reshaping carried out after many years of wanting but not being confident about the outcome.

Is the top bridge of the nose in line with the eyes and whether this area can be drawn down, closer toward the face?

I am Indian and I have a wide nose and a huge bump and a drooping tip which effects both my frontal and side facial appearance.

I'm a black african female and I have the roundest, widest nose ever! Is surgery on african is as successful as european?

I've been seriously toying with the idea of Buccal Fat Removal but have felt too worried.

Thirty years ago a rhinoplasty took too much away. I cannot go through another disaster emotionally.

I'm really interested in a nose job however I'm only turning 17 in a couple of months.

I would like to know if is it possible increase the nose projection and the dorsum size by using Costal cartilage.

A NHS surgeon told me that because I have had 2 operations already, he wouldn't advise against a 3rd rhinoplasty.

Realistically would it be possible to remove 2-3mm's off the tip of the nose or will that lead to de-strengthening the nose?

I'm very attracted to the idea of being able to see what I would look like via digital media. Where about is this based?

I want a nose job but I'm concern a lot about how I gonna look like. Is any possibility to find my apperance before the procedure?

The first operation did not reduce the size of my nose, will that make it problematic to reduce it through a second operation?

Is it possible to elevate the top of the cheek with filler like a soft lift?

I am a model of mixed afro-caribbean and white european heritage. How long will it be before I can model again?

I am african and I'm wondering how often you carry out ethnic rhinoplasty?

I have quite a large bulbous tip which is my main issue and fairly 'flared' nostrils. Can you make my tip look more defined?

Can you please advice me if liposuction is best for my case and if yes what is the best liposuction for the face?

I have a big problem with my profile and feel that you could be the surgeon to help me.

The computer assisted analysis is fantastic. With this tool, I'd be interested in a free consultation for Rhinoplasty.

I feel that a smaller one would look better. What would you recommend is the best type of procedure?

I have had 3 nose jobs and my nose is still not right. Would I be able to have revision surgery at all?

Is it possible while having rhinoplasty to have the angle between the nose and the upper lip changed?

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