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Will I be sick after the anaesthetic?

Some people experience nausea after anaesthetics, however this can often be treated successfully with appropriate medication. Our record of anti-emetic anaesthesia is very good and we can tailor your anaesthetic and painkillers to prevent nausea. If you have been sick after anaesthesia in the past please be sure to tell your team so we can take special care to prevent it happening again.

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Will my throat be sore after my surgery?

If you are having a general anaesthetic you throat may be mildly sore afterwards as a result of the placement of the breathing tube. It should feel better after a day or two and can often be eased by sucking certain types of cough lozenges. Please ask your team.

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Are there any other after effects of anaesthetic?

There are a number of infrequent mild complications including pain and bruising at the site of injections, headaches and dental damage. There are rare, easily treatable and get better quickly.

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How soon after my operation will I be allowed to get up?

That depends on the kind of surgery and anaesthetic you've had. Your team and nurses will let you know what to expect. Normally, though, you will be encouraged to be up and about as soon as possible after your operation.

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How soon after my surgery may I eat and drink?

That depends on the nature of your procedure. After some operations you may be able to eat and drink immediately. Your team and nurses will let you know what to expect. In any case you should not eat or drink a large amount straight away or you may feel sick.

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When can I get back to my normal activities?

That will depend on what kind of surgery you've had, however everyone needs some time to recover from surgery and anesthesia. Please ask your team about which activities you should avoid and for how long.

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