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Chin Remodelling FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I would like to have nose and chin reduction and a fat transfer to the face.

Do you perform a pre jowl implant?

How much would it cost for a chin readjustment and a nose job?

I had an unwise and unsuccessful chin implant 6 years ago which had to be removed.

I would like to reshape my chin.

I am very interested to remodel my chin.

What procedure could lengthen the face, and if so, by how much could it lengthen the face?

How much do chin implants cost and how long does it take?

I am unhappy about the size of my nostrils.

Can fat injections be used to augment the chin?

I have a small, weak jaw, I would like it to be bigger and more masculine.

Is it possible to have jaw implants to create a squarer more pronounced jaw line?

I am interested in chin reduction cost?

I was wondering about the cost of a joint rhinoplasty and chin augmentation would be?

I am interested in chin reduction surgery and I would like to know the prices.

I am just wondering how much I have to pay for a chin reduction surgery.

How much is the average cost of chin reduction surgery?

I would love to have a chin reduction surgery and a nose job.

I am interested in the Endotine system procedures to lift my cheeks and the sides of my eye brows.

I would like to know about sliding genioplasty and buccal fat removal?

How much is a chin remodelling?

I am interested in cheek implants and chin remodelling.

I am 21 and I have a double chin so I am considering surgery.

I appear to have an overbite and my jawline doesn't look strong.

I am interested in cheek implants and jaw remodelling. How much does it cost?

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