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Chin Remodelling FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Are you able to perform rhinoplasty and chin augmentation under local anaesthetic?

I had surgery on my chin and a doctor has completely ruined my face.

I would like to book a consultation to discuss the cost of jaw reduction.

Can chin reduction be carried out at the same time with rhinoplasty?

Would it be possible to have a squarer jaw line using a jaw implant?

Are you able to perform surgery to reduce the size of a cleft chin?

I would like my jaw to be more petit so that my face has more of an oval shape.

I am considering to have chin reduction (contouring) with a mid facelift.

I would really like a rhinoplasty as my nose is pretty big and maybe dermal fillers or an implant in my right jaw line and chin.

If you have chin remodeling without dental occlusion would it be straight forward?

I am looking to decrease the horizontal dimension of the chin, and increase the vertical dimension.

I am embarrest of my chin and want to do somethign about it. I would like to know the price of surgery for a receding chin?

I have a lower chin, what do you recommend for the right procedure with good results?

Who is the ideal candidate for a chin reduction and what is the average price to undertake such procedure?

My son is 18 and has no definition between his neck and chin and his top lip projects slightly at an angle.

I'm interested in jaw angle implants, can you give me a rough idea of the cost?

Is a chemical peel & chin augmentation suitable at the age of 16?

How much is a consultation and what is the cost of a chin reduction and rhinoplasty?

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