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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Do you perform revision surgery, how long do I need to wait to have the surgery with you?

Could you tell me the cost for a mini facelift?

How much does a 3d capture consultation cost?

I have one eyebrow noticeably higher than the other.

I appear to have an overbite and my jawline doesn't look strong.

What is the best treatment for ice pick-pitted acne scars?

Are you doing dermabrasion or excision for tattoos.

Can you do punch excision for ice pick - pitted acne scars?

I have dents under my eyes, can I get this pulled through surgery?

I have one breast muscle significantly smaller than the other one, can surgery help me?

I think my nose is big and ugly, I want it higher and pointer.

I am interested in fat transfer from my body to my buttocks.

I have gynecomastia and a glander sticking out. Any suggestion?

How much does it cost for liposuction to the jawline and under the chin?

Do you perform split earlobe repair surgery?

How much would it cost for an earlobe reduction?

Can a nose, starting from the top be straightened?

How much is the hyaluron acid injection filler and how long could keep the effects of this treatment?

I am 48 and interested in having my nose reshaped.

Can you tell me roughly the price of an apronectomy?

I have been considering having a nose job, but I am concerned about losing my ethnicity.

Can I have a secondary rhinoplasty, after having the first more than a year ago?

Would a scar revision be an effective treatment for facial scars from chickenpox?

How old do you have to be to get a boob job enlargement?

Endotine cheek lift - once the device has secured in place, is it likely that they can become loose?

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