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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Are you experienced with the upper lid surgery for Asians?

I am very interested to know about fat transfer from tummy to buttock and the cost of the procedure?

I am now 52 and I'm interested to know if it's still possible to have a nose job?

I'm interested in having breast augmentation and liposuction. How much in total would it cost for these procedures?

Do you do scar removal for a black skin person?

How many fat transfer procedures to breast have you performed?

I'm interested in more information about ethnic rhinoplasty? Could you give me some advice?

How much is the buccal fat removal procedure?

Is it possible to have breast augmentation before the age of 18?

I would like to know if doctors in London often practice a secondary rhinoplasty?

Do you have to pay for 3d consultation, as I would like to have some idea how will I look like after the operation?

I would like to have ear correction surgery. How much would this cost?

If you have chin remodeling without dental occlusion would it be straight forward?

I want to loose my chubby cheeks. Could you recommend a procedure?

I am considering getting a fat grafting, could you describe the procedure?

Would a mid face lift correct crows feet?

I am 16 years old and I am really considering rhinoplasty. Would I be able to get it done at this age?

I am interested in cheek reduction. How much would it cost?

How much would it cost for a fat transfer from the flanks to the buttock region?

Can you please tell me how much you would charge for a buccal fat removal?

How much does fat filler injection treatment costs?

My cheek fat has moved down and the upper face is so hollow. Would a facelift help?

I have fat tissue on my eyelid.

I have got a crooked septum and breathing difficulties. Can the NHS correct my septum?

Do you have any finance options available for rhinoplasty?

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