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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Is it possible to have nose tip surgery under local?

I've been searching around the internet for surgery practices close to me that could perform jaw reduction, eyelid surgery.

Can you tell me if Adipocytes cells, loose connective tissue and connective collagen fibres are in in the scalp?

I would like to have more uplift in the cheek, could an Endotine cheek lift be considered?

I am concerned about the narrowing of nostrils, without any kind of change in the shape of nose.

I would like to have lower face and neck lift which also called S Lift under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Can the size of my nostrils be reduced?

How soon after giving birth can I consider rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and vaserlipo?

I want an operation on my nose but just the tip as I have a line in the middle.

Can there be complications with my sight during rhinoplasty operation?

I have breathing difficulties and I am considering a nose job.

I have problems with my cheeks even though I am skinny, my cheeks are fat.

I have quite chubby sagging cheeks, would I be a suitable candidate for buccal fat removal?

Do you perform septorhinoplasty?

I am considering a rhinoplasty however I am unsure about how to find the right surgeon.

I've been bullied about the size of my nose for years, I want to change this.

What do you recommend for breast enlargement implants or fat transfer?

I would like to book a consultation to discuss reducing the buccal fat in my cheeks.

I have broke my nose a couple of times and now it was gone bent and seems to be a little bigger.

I am interested to have rhinoplasty. Would like to know the timing between the consultation and the procedure?

I have never been entirely happy with the results, I feel that my columella hangs now with too much nostril show.

I am interested in chin implant I am wondering what are the next steps? Regards David

I hate the way my nose looks from the side due to it sticking out!

Would it be possible to see some of your previous revision rhinoplasties?

I was wondering if you offer hyaluronidase treatment to dissolve the filler.

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