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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I had a facelift, neck lift with liposuction and I have been left with a flabby neck with banding.

Could you tell me what would it cost to have an open rhinoplasty and a chin implant in a combined procedure?

In which surgeries do you take anti embolic preventive measures?

If I had fat transfer into my breast, if I lost weight could I lose my breast size as well?

I am interested in the cheek fat removal surgery.

I had a hyaluronic acid based filler injected into my lips one and a half year ago and it has not all disappeared.

I would like to know if you do ethnic rhinoplasty?

I am interested in having a jaw reduction done for cosmetic reasons.

I have no definition between my chin and neck.

Could I combine a neck lift and a rhinoplasty?

My nose is small and flat, is it possible to make it look better?

I am 68 and I would like my jawline, neck and upper eye redefined.

Can the consultations and surgery only be done in London?

I recently had a blepharoplasty and the swelling is still there.

Would it be possible to have a consultation and the chin lift within the same day?

I have a problem with one of my cheekbones, the left is far too prominent and sticks out.

I want to transform my face into an oval one.

I would like a fat transfer from my stomach to my bum.

I had rhinoplasty a number of years ago and the swelling is quite bad.

I have a serious case of dark circles, I would like to get rid of these.

For years I have had large legs and bottom, what type of surgery could give me help?

I am interested to have a 3D rhinoplasty planning.

Can you give me some advice as I am considering revision rhinoplasty elsewhere?

Can you straighten a crooked nose?

I have a bulbous and wide nose with thick skin.

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