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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

How much does a brazilian butt lift cost?

I feel that my nose is too long and the tip is quite wide.

I feel my nose is still slightly overprojected and my nostrils have been left rather large after I had my primary surgery.

Since I was 19 I wanted my nose to be more balanced with the rest of my face.

I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and it left me with a larger than average nose.

My nose piercing left a dark spot on my nose because the nickel from the nose piercing bleed into my skin.

I want to reduce my nostril size, as they flare a lot when I smile.

I am interested in having a rhinoplasty and chin implants.

I am trying to find a surgeon that specialises in black noses.

I need a nose surgery, could you let me know my options?

How much does a chin surgery cost?

How much does a cheek reduction cost?

I have loose skin on my neck, I would love if it could be a little tighter.

I would like to know the price for fat transfer to buttocks.

Is it possible to have a fat transfer if I had polio?

Is it possible to change the breast implant without surgery?

I have a very large chin, I would like it to be sorted.

What is the price for the buccal fat excision?

I have a deviated septum, would NHS provide funding for septorhinoplasty or only for septoplasty?

I am interested in a procedure to bring more masculine balance to my face.

Can Vaser liposuction be done under general anaesthesia?

Can an ice pick scar be treated with a punch excision?

Do you have any clinics near Worcester UK?

I am now looking to have my chin reduced.

Does your capsulectomy and exchange of implants include a choice of teardrop implants?

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