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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I would like to know if it would be possible to have a rhinoplasty and upper and lower blepharoplasty at the same time?

I just need a nasal bridge reduction

I have two bumps on the sides of my nose so it looks wide, I would like to make it thinner

Is there anything you can do to restore balance to the face as the chin seems more prominent to the left?

How you would go about performing surgery on my nose to make it very slightly smaller and to get rid of the bump?

I have a chubby face and would like to have a buccal fat reduction.

I have a undefined neck to jaw problem. Instead of my skin being at 90 degrees is at 45 degrees and unflattering

Could I have fat transfer to the cheekbone area under local anaesthetic?

I am seeking otoplasty revision. I want the tops of the ear closer to the head so they are not bat like.

One side of the face is larger than the other.

I am curious to know whether it is possible to create a Roman nose?

Does the technique used for cheek augmentation prevent movement or cheek collapsing?

Does the effectiveness of neck lift depend on muscles structure and age of patient to obtain a well defined jaw line?

What procedure could I go for what people call bum chin?

I am considering liposuction on my whole abdomen.

I would like the tip of my nose shortened. However I do not want to wear a cast. Is this possible?

I want to lose weight in my legs specially the upper part.

I am Afro Caribbean and want to have rhinoplasty to reduce my nostrils. How long on average will it take for the scarring to be less noticeable?

I am interested in a chin reduction. I have a large amount of fatty tissue located on my chin.

I have a lot of excess fat on my face, I am currently 21 and seeking a well sculpted face.

How many rhinoplasties have you performed and how many revisions? Have you done a revision on an upturned nose before?

I developed a soft tissue pollybeak deformity on one side of my nose that my surgeon convinced me would go with time. Would it be possible to treat this with steroid injection?

I'm really really desperate to know if in any way you can help create some contour or depth in my bones. I just really don't like the flatness of my face.

I have a tiny chin, I need help.

I have a highly deviated septum for which I am going to have a surgery for in the near future, but i would like the outer shape of the nose to change as well, will the NHS fund a septorhinoplasty for me?

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