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Can you let me know whether you ever do non surgical rhinoplasty with fillers?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 27 January 2011


Can you let me know whether you ever do non surgical rhinoplasty with fillers?

And if so, if the client is very definite about the procedure can you do it with permanent fillers as opposed to the ones with hyaluronic acid?

Also if rhinoplasty has already been performed, how soon after the procedure can you do this? I know that they say that final result of rhinoplasty cannot be seen until after a year, but if I want more height, is this possible.


Although waiting for the results of the rhinoplasty intervention to mature can be difficult emotionally, rushing to inject permanent fillers in an nose that has not declared its final shape is in my opinion wrong.

The typical risk that you would be exposed to is that further changes in the contour of the nose and may leave the injectable material isolated as a lump, and with permanent fillers this may not be correctable without surgery and sometimes with difficulty even with surgery.

What I would suggest as opposed to hyaluronic acid is the option of using Radiesse, which is a longer lasting temporary filler (approximately a year) but also with a more consistent texture and therefore able to provide a more defined appearance of the nasal tip.

In principle, you can look at having a simulation using computer imaging to clarify the type and degree of change and therefore decide how much injectable filler would be required and where.

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