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Can you please advise me regarding estimated healing time and costs for the nasal surgery?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 17 May 2011


I am of Afro-Caribbean descent, with a broad nose which I really liked before it was ruined by an NHS septoplasty 4 years ago (to help my breathing).

I have no bone left in my nose; and the bridge is no longer visible, hence the tip looks even more bulbous than it was before.

I am depressed and humiliated daily by my nose. What is the likelihood that the NHS will pay for half of this surgery to correct the problem?

I'm not concerned about after-care because I have relatives in London who can look after me post-surgery.

But can you please advise me regarding estimated healing time for the nose (for example, how soon could I fly, because I am scheduled to go to Jamaica in August and I want the surgery done before I see my family).

And COSTS for the nasal surgery including the ribcage incision?

Finally, how long does the rib-cage wound (to remove cartilage) take to heal and will it leave a big scar?

Also concerning scars: My septoplasty was done internally, without any visible scars externally. I am concerned that surgery to insert cartilage in the nose might leave a visible scar.

The only reason why I am concerned is that I already have scars underneath my nose from a childhood accident which might call attention to any news scars.

These are a lot of fears and recriminations in one email... But I really hope you will be able to help me.


I couldn't possibly speculate on financial commitments related to the NHS or commissioning bodies.

You can however discuss with your GP regarding an NHS referral for rib graft augmentation rhinoplasty, that may be considered on the basis of the difference between pre-and post-operative images. The timeframe for consultation, surgery and recovery before August through this channel seems relatively tight.

The scar from harvesting rib cartilage measures approximately 4.5-5 cm, and is placed in the crease under the breast usually on the right side in my practice. It does tend to recover relatively quickly but the discomfort or pain in the area will take several weeks to settle.

In my practice, I normally carry out this type of surgery through an open approach which involves a scar on the columella, and if narrowing of the nostrils is also included there is a small scar at the point where the nostrils join with the cheek.

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