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Can you send me a best package for dark circle surgery?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 12 January 2011


Can you send me a best package for dark circle surgery?


Treatment aimed to address the dark circles under the eyes depends on the nature of the problem and the skin type.

In general terms it is a combination of darker colour of the skin and which is very thin in the area, with no underlying fatty tissue, and visibility of the eyelid muscles creates a different colour; in addition increased pigment concentration may contribute and is the area also shows a depression which leads to some shadow forming.

Milder problems may respond to vitamins C creams, hydroquinone cream or products based on kojic acid, all of which work on reducing pigmentation.

Fraxel laser can also contribute since it can reduce pigmentation and increase slightly the thickness of the skin in the area which makes it less translucent and therefore paler.

In addition, the contour can be improved by means of either injectable fillers or fat transfer, ending up with a flatter surface and less shadow formed.

The type of skin is important in the decision, as some treatments may not be suitable.

Ultimately, it is only fair to say that for some people the best current techniques can achieve is an improvement rather than full correction.

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