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Do you work with all types of facial implants or only cheek implants?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 11 January 2012


May inquire into whether you work with all types of facial implants or only cheek implants?

I am 59 and have a 'flat tyre' look, hollowness around my eyes, which I have discovered can be corrected with orbital rim implants.

I also have a lack of volume in my midface although my cheeks put in an appearance when I smile, so I don’t know I need a midface lift or cheek implants?


I do use cheek implants and chin implants for facial contouring, and on occasion I have been using orbital rim implants.

The typical indication for orbital rim implants is a congenital underdevelopment of the lower rim of the orbit, which is typically apparent early in life. I have never use them for the purpose of rejuvenation as I believe that it is rarely a suitable indication.

More common approaches to rejuvenation of the lid cheek junction include fat transfer and one of the types of midface lift intervention, with or without lower eyelid surgery.

At the time of a consultation, it is possible to define, sometimes using 3-D imaging and simulation the degree of change that you seek, and based on this to determine what would be the ideal procedure or combination of procedures.

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