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Every now and then I get down because I think this is afecting my life style.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 26 April 2011


I actullay had a consultation with you about 6 years ago, it was nice and helpful. I have tried to get on with my life without having done, but every now and then I get down because I think this is afecting my life style.

My main worry is that I'm scared regarding not being able to breathe when you come round and you have to have the packs stuck up your nose. Do you always have to have these inserted, as my freind had her nose done (open surgery ) and she did not have these put in? She said she did not have any trouble breathing.


I do not always use the internal splints after rhinoplasty, but I have to say I tend to use them in the majority of situations when I also address the airway.

This is because the internal splints protect the sidewalls from touching the midline (septum) and reduce the chance of scar tissue building up that would interfere with the quality of the airway.

I tend to use mostly a type of silicone internal splints that have a tube attached http://www.invotec.net/breathe-easy.html, which means some people can breathe through them, but this is not the rule.

Since in your case the project includes straightening the bridge from the front and profile, and narrowing the bridge from the front, I typically would prefer to use them.

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