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Have you handled a lot of revision rhinoplasty operations?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 08 January 2012


Have you handled a lot of revision rhinoplasty operations?

Also as you mentioned about just doing surgery on my tip. I am not happy with the bridge as well as the implant made it too high for my face from the side. I tried balancing out my face with injecting fillers and it did make it look better however I wanted a button nose, a nice sloppy nose with a slight thin and upward tip.

I am upset as my previous doctor said that is not possible as it will damage my bone structure etc. However I have seen my cousins with nose far worse than mine able to achieve this.

I am saying this as do you have experience with this kind of demand? My previous doctor is good but I think he doesn't have experience in this kind of nose.


It is possible to create a "ski slope" appearance of the nose with increased tip definition, and I would say that it depends on the characteristics of the skin of the nasal tip how much support is required, and therefore what type of surgery may be needed.

At the time of the consultation it is possible to define more accurately what you would like to achieve, and although the outcome of surgery is never identical to the simulation, it would clarify the elements of the treatment required to bring the result closer to your aspirations.

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