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How many rib graft rhinoplasty interventions have you performed on afro-caribbean people?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 03 July 2011


I have seen a consultant in your field for a revision of Rhinoplasty (done in 2008). He has told me that I would possibly require a Rhinoplasty with rib graft to achieve the outcome I desire, which is smaller nostrils, a smaller tip with some lift of tip.

How many of the above types of Rhinoplasty have you performed on afro-caribbean people?

Would I require the skills of an ENT surgeon?

If you were able to do this procedure for me, which hospitals in or near Birmingham, West Midlands would you attend?


All in all, I have carried out close to 40 rib graft rhinoplasty interventions, the majority of which were in the context of ethnic rhinoplasty.

Both plastic surgeons and ENT surgeons can have an interest in rhinoplasty including ethnic interventions, and therefore there isn't a question of category but rather individual for your decision.

I'm afraid I only operate in central London, so I would not be able to assist you in the West Midlands.

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