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I am interested in the Endotine system procedures to lift my cheeks and the sides of my eye brows.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 24 October 2011


I had a chin implant put in about 20 years ago, it wasn't correctly aligned.

Would a consultation be able to verify for me if this is responsible for my poor lower face symmetry and whether a replacement would correct this or that some other procedure would be required?

Would 3D imaging & X-rays help with the diagnosis ?

I am also very interested in the endotine system procedures to lift my cheeks and the sides of my eye brows. Do you perform procedures with the endotine Midface™ ST (ribbon lift) and TransBleph™ systems.


Some of the errors of placement for chin implants can be evaluated in simple consultation, and corrected with surgery. Bear in mind however that perfect symmetry of the chin is not possible, because of the difference in length of the horizontal and vertical parts of the jaw that affect everybody.

More substantial chin asymmetry sometimes require resetting the bone at the chin point, which is called a centralising genioplasty. More commonly though, a minor chin asymmetry can be improved by contouring of the chin implant to compensate.

3-D imaging is useful for the planning, and x-rays would be useful in particular if there is a significant asymmetry of the chin and mandible.

I do carry out mid-face and eyebrow treatments using the Endotine systems, and would be happy to discuss this if you wish.

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