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I am nearly 20 and thinking about having buccal fat removal.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 25 August 2011


I am nearly 20 and thinking about having buccal fat removal.

I am pretty but my cheeks are a little chubby and I just feel that they ruin my face. I have no confidence because of this and I am always hiding my face.

Although I have a rounded face, my cheeks just make my whole face look bottom heavy like a little chipmunk. I have been thinking about having something done for years as I am sick of people making jokey comments about it and want to know the cost involved and if it is possible.

I just want a little taken out of each cheek so my face doesn't look like an upside down bucket shape cause at the moment thats how I think it looks.


I believe the best place to start is to have a consultation using 3-D imaging and planning for your desired result in terms of facial sculpting.

In my opinion, based on the type and degree of change that you seek, the surgical plan would have to be formulated and it may include buccal fat reduction, liposuction to the cheeks or a combination of these procedures.

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