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I am of afro carribean heritage and would like to create more definition on the bridge and tip of my nose.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 19 December 2010


I am of afro carribean heritage and would like to create more definition on the bridge and tip of my nose.

I have been reading that using rib cartilage can eventually make the nose look very stiff and even for the cartillage to protude through the nose. I also have read that there can be significant scarring if open rhinoplasty is used.

Please could you tell me your thoughts on this as I do not know how to proceed.


I wonder whether the information on the web amalgamates rib cartilage grafts and rib bone grafts. Cartilage becomes softer overtime, and although the nose never feels as soft as before the operation, it is certainly not rigid in the long term.

On the other hand, bone graft from the rib tends to be less reliable because of bone resorption, and if it takes it would be stable and rigid indefinitely.

For this reason my preference is always to use rib cartilage, as I have found it a versatile and reliable material.

I suspect the chance of the implant protruding through the skin is more likely related to using bone graft from the rib, but even with cartilage if the augmentation is excessive it may be possible.

In general terms, the quality of the scar is very good, and the scar is typically not noticeable at conversational distance, including if the operation involves narrowing of the ala base (narrowing of the nostrils).

As an approach to finding out more, I suggest a consultation to define the degree of change that you are seeking, and clarify what would be necessary in order for the surgery to deliver a result close to your expectations.

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