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I had Sculptra and I am left with a visible lump in one side.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 01 November 2011


I had Sculptra (two vials, one in each cheek) over 3 years ago. As a result I am left with a visible lump in one side.

The product was injected too superficially and probably not diluted sufficiently on this side.

Is there anything that can be done to make the lump less visible or is it something I have to live with?


Since Sculptra is not a treatment that I offer, I have very limited exposure and experience related to it.

I suggest that you contact the office of Ms Angelica Kavouni, who is very experienced in Sculptra treatments and may be able to offer advice or assistance in this matter.

Lucian Ion Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Lucian Ion FRCS(Plast)
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