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I had a rhinoplasty operation 6/7 years ago but I still require further operation if possible.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 01 November 2010


I had a rhinoplasty operation 6/7 years ago but I still require further operation if possible.

The main reasons are bridge of the nose still has bump either side making it too wide and some further re-shaping is required on tip as still too thick with slight upwards projection. I am told that when I break a bone the body repairs by always adding lots of extra bone too affected area during healing (more than normal) and I am concerned this might make rhinoplasty ineffective for me.

The main question is how can a surgeon remove the thickness of the nasal bone but without re breaking and therefore more bone being added by my body's natural healing process.


From what you describe, I'm not convinced that the fullness of the bone is related to callus formation. It seems more likely that the nasal bones have not moved in sufficiently at the time of the surgery.

The facial bones heal with much less callus formation compared to the long bones in our body. At the time of the surgery, it is possible to remove a wedge of bone on either side of the septum to ensure that the side walls move closer to the midline.

I do not think that filing the bones down would be the answer, and a would favour re-fracturing.

The images 7, 8 and 11 from the rhinoplasty gallery highlight this point.

The typical situation when someone would develop significant thickness in the bones of the bridge is with multiple fractures related to a string on injuries.

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