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I have been considering having a nose job, but I am concerned about losing my ethnicity.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 09 August 2011


I have been considering having a nose job, but as I am of ethnic minority I am concerned about losing my ethnicity. I've seen alot of bad nose jobs on Black people who have gone for an unrealistic 'pinched in european nose' that does not fit in with the rest of there features.

My main concern is that my nostrils flare and you can see up my nose from the a side profile. However, I did want to keepthe length of my nose as all my family have long noses and I didn't want a drastic change.

Another problem is that when i smile the trip goes down into a 'beak'. Is there anyway to keep the over length/tip but correct the other problems?


As a starting point, I believe that a consultation using computer imaging and planning in 2D or 3D will help you to define the goals for change.

For reshaping the nostrils and strengthening the tip support in relation to the appearance when smiling, it may be necessary to use rib cartilage graft.

Most certainly a pinched appearance of the tip would be inaesthetic, but increased definition of the tip can work together with the nostril reshaping to improve facial harmony.

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