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Is it possible to have the tops of my ears tucked in?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 02 February 2012


I've had two rhinoplasties done previously and a otoplasty as well and I have felt very disappointed in the results and felt I have made some bad decisions.

I hate looking at photos of myself as my nose is still long and my ears stick out at the tops.

I have had a cosultation with a well known ear surgeon, that said he can achieve what I have asked for, but I have recently seen some bad reviews and I am scared of making a wrong choice.

Is it possible to have the tops of my ears tucked in?


In essence, it is possible to achieve correction of the upper part of the ears, but it does depend what degree of correction you seek, and what problems have been left behind by previous treatments.

With regards to the rhinoplasty intervention, I would be happy to see you and advise, and typically, at the time of the consultation it is possible to evaluate the type and amount of changes that you would like to operate for the shape of your nose.

From your description, a shortening intervention for the nasal tip would be required to create a more feminine appearance from semi-profile which is most frequently the image that we see of ourselves in photographs.

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