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My nose was badly broken (bent all the way over to my right) in 2003.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 02 February 2011


My nose was badly broken (bent all the way over to my right) in 2003. I had it straightened by NHS shortly after.

In the last year (2010) I've noticed my nose change shape for the worse i.e. larger bump on the bridge and further deviation to the right. Is this treatable with surgery?


It is rather strange for the distortion in the shape of the nose to appear at such a long interval after the surgery.

Since it appears that occasional cocaine use has become very commonplace, I get the impression that its damaging effect on the nose is frequently overlooked. In addition, on an operated nose, the negative effects would be stronger.

Other explanations can be related to pathology inside the nose that may benefit from an ENT assessment.

Ultimately, albeit rare, it would be possible for the scar tissue to take a very long time to fade away and reveal the shape of the cartilage framework.

If there is no progressive condition affecting the nose which would need to be addressed first, it is possible to look at reshaping and supporting the bridge and tip of the nose. Sometimes, if the cartilage inside the nose is too damaged, it may be necessary to use rib cartilage as graft material to create a strong framework and a stable long-term result.

At the time of the consultation it is possible to define using computer imaging what it is you would like to achieve, and therefore facilitate a clear plan of action.

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