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Realistically would it be possible to remove 2-3mm's off the tip of the nose or will that lead to de-strengthening the nose?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 31 August 2010


Are consultations only available in London? (I live in Leeds). Also I'm assuming that the surgery would also need to be performed in the London-based clinics on your website?

Will the imaging be useful? I read on the website that it may not show a realistic post-op result.

I kind of rushed in blind for the first operation, and only really paid attention to a hump that I had in the middle of the bridge.

Realistically would it generally be possible to remove 2-3mm's off the tip of the nose or will that lead to de-strengthening the nose?


Indeed, the consultation and surgery would take place in London.

Whilst the result of surgery is always different from the computer simulation, the process of planning using an image manipulation rather than verbal communication means that both patient and surgeon identify a direction for change that the patient feels comfortable with, and the surgeon feels is achievable.

The only reason why one can actually discuss whether the simulation is realistic or not is because there is something to refer to when comparing the end result.

The alternative, a discussion based consultation, means that the patient and surgeon have a relatively vague representation in her mind regarding the direction change, as well as how the result would integrate with the rest of the facial features.

Inevitably, the notion that a preoperative discussion is realistic or not is non-existent, since there is nothing structured to refer back to when evaluating the results.

I normally show prospective patients in consultation more images of preoperative, computer imaging and post-operative photographs so they can evaluate for themselves what is the degree of accuracy one can expect from the surgical outcome.

In terms of removing 2-3 mm of nasal tip projection, this is realistic, but it is important for you to understand what exactly generates that impression of softer, less dominant feature of the nose, and from my experience using computer imaging everybody (including the surgeon) has a fragmented image in mind, which becomes much more structured when looking at the options during this simulation.

The other point that is relevant to understand, is that there is usually a range of good results, rather then a single shape. By that I mean that if the direction of change is correct, the outcome of nasal reshaping that patients find satisfactory does not have to be identical to the image generated at the time of the consultation.

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