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What kind of protection do patients have in case something goes wrong in the surgery?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 01 June 2010


What kind of protection do patients have in case something goes wrong in the surgery or the procedure does not produce a good result for the patient?

I have heard many stories of people warning me not to get plastic surgery because theirs was messed up.


It is now possible to take an insurance prior to the operation, which would typically cover a revision procedure cost. It costs in the area of £500, but may represent a valuable cover.

Alternatively, it is down to the relationship of trust that you build with your surgeon to decide regarding revision surgery and associated costs.

Because of the relative nature of a good result in cosmetic surgery, which is open to extensive interpretation, it is virtually impossible to draw accurate limits of what is a good enough result.

Clearly, a very good result or a very bad result are easy to determine, but in between a significant number of what is a good result in the eyes of the surgeon and a bad result in the eyes of the patient is related to poor communication prior to the operation.

For this reason, many surgeons try to incorporate computer imaging and stimulation as well as before and after photographs at the time of the consultation, in order to establish clear communication with regards to the target for surgery, and expectation of results.

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