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Can you give me some advice as I am considering revision rhinoplasty elsewhere?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 12 February 2013


I had rhinoplasty back in Sept 2011, about three days after the cast was removed I noticed a bump on the right top side of my nose and when I saw my surgeon about this he said that it was bone regrowth and sometimes this happens.

After 3 months had pass, he decided to inject steriod injections over a period of time, which did not make much difference to the boney bump, but instead caused hypopigmentation to the skin around that bone area and also an indent halfway down the bridge of my nose, front profile.

After six months we both agreed on a little revision surgery to file down the bump and he also recommended alloderm to cover this area to suppress the bone from growing again.

To my horror when my surgeon took of the cast, it looked like I had a boxers nose. My surgeon said that the alloderm would dissolve. Most of the alloderm has dissolved but that top area of my nose does not look right. Steroid injections were also injected into other areas of my nose which was for reducing the swelling around certain areas of the nose, but this just led to more indentations and small bumps developing.

To even out all of this, my surgeon decided to inject filler into my nose to smooth the nose, but all it has done is made my nose look worse.

Please can you give me some advice, as I am considering revision elsewhere, because I do not have any confidence in my surgeon.


It appears to be a relatively complex situation and in order to assess it properly, a period of time will be necessary for the effect of steroids to wear off which allows for some of the depressions to stabilise or recover.

The injectable filler, if it is based on hyaluronic acid can be dissolved to allow a better understanding of the configuration of the nose.

In essence, some of the areas that have become thinner could be improved by very small amounts of fat transfer, but in the bigger picture an important consideration is related to the general shape of the nose. This would need to be discussed and may benefit from computer imaging to understand better what it is that you would like to achieve as an end result.

I would be happy to see in consultation and evaluate these aspects with you.

Lucian Ion Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Lucian Ion FRCS(Plast)
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