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Could the tip area can be changed to reduce the length of the nose?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 18 August 2013


I had surgery in June 2013 to alter the shape of my nose. The surgeon smoothed out the length of my nose by taking out the bump and made the tip thinner.

However the length of my nose is still long (i.e from the tip of the nose to the skin) and so he has not really achieved entirely what I was seeking.

I understand from my research that the length of the tip can only be changed by open nose surgery.

Please could you advise whether just the tip area can be changed to reduce the length. If so how long do I have to wait before I undergo the second surgery?

I should mention that I am of Pakistani origin and so any changes would need to be made in line with my features.


I don't think that it is only open surgery that can be used to reduce the tip length, but it may be fair to say that it is more common these days.

Indeed, the tip area can be changed in isolation, and at the time of the consultation I use computer imaging and simulation to evaluate both your requirements regarding the shape change, the feasibility, coherence with the rest of the facial features and to establish a treatment plan.

I would recommend a minimum of 9 months interval from the first procedure before undertaking new surgery, but would be happy to see you in consultation well ahead of this interval to allow plenty of time for preparation.

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