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How many otoplasty procedures you have performed and whether it is something you specialise in?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 27 April 2013


I've recently been researching my options online for otoplasty surgery, and many people on various websites recommended yourself as a talented surgeon that gave a high satisfaction rate, as well as caring about your patients.

On your website it's clear you can perform many different procedures, and I was just wondering how many otoplasty procedures you've performed and whether it's something you specialise in?

What is the rough cost for the treatment, I know it can vary depending on patients and hospitals etc but I just wanted to have a guideline if possible?

What sort of aftercare do you offer?


I have carried out at approximately 200 interventions involving different components of ear reshaping including reduction for the helical rim or earlobes.

The procedure is commonly carried out under a local anaesthetic, which tends to involve lower treatment costs.

There are usually three post-operative visits, at one week, one month and three months, apart from the possibility of an emergency review.

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