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I am a 17 old male and have a large nose, roman nose.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 17 August 2012


After some thorough research I stumbled upon your website and have been looking at the rhinoplasty service you have to offer.

I'm a seventeen and a half year old male and have a large nose, roman nose inherited from my grandfather. Fortunately for him, his face isn't as thin as my own and has a stronger chin so my nose sticks out like a sore thumb, so to speak. It's funny, because when I was about thirteen years old I wasn't self conscious about my nose - this was because it wasn't large then.

It was quite nicely shaped, had a small bump in the middle but it looked generally attractive and had a nice tip. Now things have changed a little. I suppose it happened when I hit puberty but my schnoz pretty much transformed into this whole other beast within a couple of years. However I do want to mention that there isn't a doubt in my mind that I want this surgery.

Firstly I would like to ask how old would you recommend that try to proceed with the surgery? Secondly, I have been reading about rhinoplasty surgeries that are undergone abroad and have heard they are a lot cheaper.

Do you know how I can make contact with these surgeries too because one thing that I have found with trying to find surgeries via the Internet is they are difficult to come by!


I typically recommend waiting until after the age of 18 for rhinoplasty surgery, as the face enters a period of slower changes.

In terms of preparation, a consultation is the 1st stage, and will allow you to define the treatment targets as well as understand the potential risks associated with the treatment.

I do not have any affiliation with surgeons or hospitals abroad, so on this aspect I cannot really provide any guidance.

Lucian Ion Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Lucian Ion FRCS(Plast)
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