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I am considering rhinoplasty but I have come across something called polly beak.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 07 February 2013


I'm really considering rhinoplasty but I've come across something called polly beak, I'm not really 100% sure of what it is but what are the risks of getting that and are there ways to prevent it?


Polly beak deformities referred to situations where instead of having the tip of the nose as the highest point, the area above that it is more prominent than the tip.

The polly beak deformities are more likely to occur with closed rather than open tip interventions primarily because of the reduced support of the tip of the nose. If during the surgery the height of the bridge of the nose just above the tip is assessed to be well aligned because the support of the tip appears stronger than it really is, in the post-operative period when the tip sets itself lower such contrast can occur. The appearance is of fullness above the tip from the nasal septum, rather than definition of the nasal tip.

In open tip rhinoplasty, this type of problem is less common, primarily because there is added support to the nasal tip.

Another possibility for supra-tip fullness that detracts from the definition and aesthetics of the nasal tip is in situations of thicker nasal tip skin. A more recent addition to rhinoplasty techniques is the use of nasal ligaments for tensioning of the nasal tip and supra-tip skin, which I currently use in combination with the support to the nasal tip to produce the definition.

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