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I am HIV positive and I had an upper and lower eyelids operation in Poland.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 29 August 2013


I'm HIV positive, and in February this year I had my upper and lower eyelids operated on in Poland. My viral load is undetectable and cd4 count excellent.

Within 7 days I developed cellulitis, and then an abscess to the left lower lid, after 3 more abscess and treatment under Moorfields, my eyes seems to be under control.

However the end result is my eyes look awful and worse than they were before, one eyelid now has a lump which distorts the left lower eyelid and won't settle down, the right lower lid is still significantly swollen, it just looks odd, my right eye is more closed than the left, and the uppers just look uneven.

My eyes before were pretty normal and even, and my eyelids were not protruding like they are now, It's been over six months now and each eye looks different and they look worse than they did before. I clearly don't want to go back to Poland, but I would really like a professional opinion, and any advice of a surgeon that may be able to help me in the UK.

I originally wanted the procedure done here, but every surgeon I visited declined to carry out the procedure as I was HIV.


The scenario that you describe is complex and relatively problematic, and I think he will unfortunately benefit for a longer period of time of settling prior to more surgical interventions.

Ideally, I would suggest seeing an oculoplastic surgeon, as there seems to be a tendency to infection from the eyelids, possibly related to blepharitis.

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