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I feel my nose is still slightly overprojected and my nostrils have been left rather large after I had my primary surgery.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 18 December 2012


I've been considering revision rhinoplasty for a few months. I'm now 23 years old and I had my primary surgery in february of 2011.

I think my nose has been improved but I still feel he has not achieved what I had expected or wanted. I feel my nose is still slightly overprojected and my nostrils have been left rather large. I'm not 100% on what certain areas of the nose are called but I believe that its called the columella that also seems to be quite low and enhances the appearence of my nostrils.

I didn't expect perfect results but I feel the changes he made were very subtle and too conservative. Your secretary suggested I e-mail you photos of my nose before I booked a consultation as I'm based in North Wales, so it would be a lot easier for me to show you pictures now and hear your opinion on wether you think I'd be a candidate for a revision rhinoplasty.


In general terms, the points that you have described can be addressed with the revision surgery.

The main point of the consultation is however the interactive element of discussion for individual changes, your requirements and the expected accuracy of the surgical intervention.

Our practice email address is on the website under the contact us headline: contact@aesthetic-plastic-surgery.co.uk

I would be happy to have a look at the images as an orientation.

Lucian Ion Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Lucian Ion FRCS(Plast)
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