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I had a nose surgery after I broke my nose and I still have slight breathing problems.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 28 March 2013


Recently I broke my nose causing it too look slightly wonky, I had it fixed under local anaesthetic 12 days after injury but they said during the procedure that it had healed to much for them to completely realign my nose.

I have been told to book an appointment with my local GP to gain referral for further surgery. What are the chances I will be referred for further surgery as it is only slightly deviated?

It causes slight breathing difficulties at the moment, but is there any point in going through with the surgery if offered, as I don't want my nose too look any worse?


Typically, setting back of the nose after an injury that has fractured it is not necessarily able to correct the problems fully.

It is relatively common to have further surgery to improve on the alignment of the nose and sometimes breathing after trauma.

I think it would be beneficial that you would least have a discussion with your local plastic surgeon or ENT surgeon that your GP would refer you to, to understand what they propose to do and whether you are happy with the plan.

It may well be that if the deviation is very slight, they would suggest only working on the quality of the nasal airway, but it is impossible for me to guess around this point.

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