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I had a rhinoplasty performed in 2006, my smile has never been the same since.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 02 February 2014


I had a rhinoplasty performed in 2006, my smile has never been the same since. My dentist also noticed that my smile looks different and my upper lip covers my top teeth more than before. I don't smile in photos anymore because I look ugly. My nostrils also stretch when I smile which is also ugly. This is the first time I've talked openly about this, can anything be done?


In principle, the answer is yes, but there are to main possibilities why this may have happened.

One is related to the cartilage graft in the region of the columella that might be a little bulky and prevent the upper lip from lifting like before. This may require a reduction of the cartilage and it is important to appreciate why it is there and what benefits it brings to the shape of the nose.

The other possibility is more extensive detachment of the muscles of the upper lip from their insertion at the base of the nose. This can also be improved by reattaching them.

I would be happy to see in consultation and evaluate this issue so that I can give you advice about it.

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