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I have a lot of excess fat on my face, I am currently 21 and seeking a well sculpted face.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 06 March 2014


I have heard a lot regarding buccal fat removal, however I am adamant I want to go to a surgeon who removes to the extent to which I am happy with.

I have a lot of excess fat on my face which is determined genetically and my mother who is 55 still has plenty of this fat on her face. I do not want to be dismissed by either a minimal operation or with the fact that I am young.

I am currently 21 and seeking a well sculpted face. I would appreciate if I could see before and after photos of your actual patients.


In general terms, but profound reduction does not achieve major changes to the facial contour. In some instances combining liposuction and buccal fat reduction can produce more dramatic results, but not to a point of producing a completely sculpted face starting from someone who has rounder facial features.

There are some biological limitations that are not within the range of surgical changes.

Overall, it is possible to evaluate in a consultation using 3-D imaging and simulation the degree of change that you would like to achieve and evaluate whether it is indeed possible to produce this level of transformation through surgery. Simple photographs are not particularly useful for this type of facial sculpting.

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