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I have one side of my face ageing faster and it has become hollow.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 31 July 2013


I have one side of my face ageing faster and it has become hollow. I had jaw surgery and I feel it may be a result of surgery to my face. This of course is upsetting because I clearly care about my looks and now I feel all the work I have had done has created more problems.

I would like your advice on this. I have 3d images of my face to show you if this help.


There are complex asymmetries of the face and body which are of course to some extent influenced by every surgical intervention to these areas. The impression of differential ageing is a common perception which may or may not be true, as in fact we have no accurate measurements to verify it.

Depending on individual characteristics of each side, both in terms of skeletal and soft tissue, the effect of ageing maybe more obvious in some areas than others.

At the time of the consultation it is possible to identify the aspects that you feel would benefit from further intervention and to try to define a target shape. Based on this, it is also possible to clarify what surgical interventions would be more suitable for the purpose.

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