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I have problems with my cheeks even though I am skinny, my cheeks are fat.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 10 September 2013


I am a 24 year old woman from Finland. I have problems with my cheeks - even though I am skinny, my cheeks are fat. They give me a childish look (that I always get comments on) which I don't like. Also, I constantly accidentally bite on the insides of my cheeks because the fat is everywhere. Heh.

Anyway, I have tried to search for a place here in Finland where they would do these buccal fat removals. Turns out, there's absolutely zero clinics that offer that kind of operations. So that's why I am contacting you.

Question number 1: Is it possible to have an operation done in one of your hospitals even though I am not a citizen of the UK?

Question number 2: If the operation can be done for a person coming outside of UK, is it possible to do the pre-surgery assessment through (for example) e-mail, and photos etc?

Question number 3: Is it okay to fly soon after the operation and can the follow-up check be done here in Finland by a finnish doctor?


I would be happy to see in consultation regarding facial contouring. I typically use computer imaging and simulation to evaluate the characteristics of the facial shape as well as your targets for change. This forms the basis of decision regarding the best intervention or combination of interventions to serve your purpose.

There is no issue regarding treating patients from outside the UK, but I would strongly advise having a meeting beforehand rather than to fly in and have the surgery briefly after our meeting. This is because there is considerable misrepresentation about the potential impact of buccal fat reduction, and most Internet show the effects of combination treatments for the facial shape. Up to a point, the discussion can be carried out using photographs and teleconference, but it is not a suitable replacement for a formal consultation and I cannot use 3-D imaging in this context.

With regards to returning to Finland after the surgery, I would generally advise at least a week so that I can evaluate at least the early recovery period. You would also need to discuss with a surgeon in Finland whether they are happy to provide follow-up, this is one aspect I cannot decide about.

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