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I need help with options available to me for sculpting my face, my jowls in particular.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 23 April 2013


I need help with options available to me for sculpting my face, my jowls in particular. I am 23 and so this is not an age related issue but a hereditary one.

I have a small face with not so prominent cheek bones and quite a small mouth. The area around my lips is very loose and looks quite saggy.

I am very slim at 5ft 4 and only 8 st, although there a certain amount of fat, it's not something I can rid. It gives a droopy appearance to my face, and is particularly noticeable in pictures where I have lines and shadows in this area.

What would you suggest for this?


In general terms, when it comes to facial sculpting, I find it valuable to use computer imaging in 3-D and simulation to allow you to define more accurately the endpoints of the treatment.

In essence, the outcome that I am after with the surgery is the way you feel about the shape, not the shape itself. Because of that, I find it fundamental to verify that the projected changes correspond to your aspirations, and design a treatment plan that can achieve a result within sensible range of the simulations.

Needless to say, surgical techniques cannot replicate a computer design in real life, but can be customised to a significant extent.

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