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I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure for a large hump removal and now I have a visible indentation on my bridge.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 20 April 2013


I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure elsewhere for a fairly large hump removal. However, my surgeon did not perform osteotomies and I now have a visible indentation on my bridge. Is it likely this could be an open roof?

My tip has also been rotated and narrowed with a ball-like tip giving my face a harsh operated appearance. Is it realistic to think it could be lengthened and slightly widened again?


It is unusual to avoid osteotomies with a larger hump reduction, but I assume that it may be because the or regional shape of the nose was relatively narrow.

The characteristics of an open roof problem are related to the difference in prominence between the nasal bones and the cartilages that form the sidewall of the nose. This generates a shadow like an inverted V over the bridge of the nose, probably more visible in flash photography than in natural lighting.

It is possible to produce a softer contour for the tip and adjust the shape of the bridge, and in general terms it requires 9-12 months settling period after the first intervention. It is possible to evaluate in consultation the characteristics of the nose as well as the shape that you would feel more comfortable with and based on these elements to determine the parameters of the secondary procedure.

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