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Would you perform rhinoplasty on a developed 16 year old female?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 24 July 2012


I know you said you only perform rhinoplasty on 18+ year olds as the facial development enters a period of slower change at that age, but what if a 16 year old female developed at a earlier than most girls and lets say her facial features look the same as an older teen.

Would you still wait till they are 18 even though they have completely stopped growing?

Also what if an 18 year old wants a rhinoplasty but is a 'late bloomer' and still is not fully matured, would you still complete a rhinoplasty on them as well?


You are correct in saying that people have different rates of development, and the age is an orientation, based on the fact that there are no accurate non-invasive investigations to determine the stage of development for the face and nose.

Typically, the nose achieves its full development before the face, and since planning for the nasal reshaping is about integration and harmony of the facial features, I feel that it is preferable to wait in the longer before embarking on treatment.

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