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Face Surgery FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Is there any way to have rhinoplasty without being put under general anesthetic and with local instead?

How much does ethnic rhinoplasty cost?

Could you tell me what are the prices for that surgery? Is it possible to make a monthly plan?

How many rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty procedures you have done in total and this year?

My nose is long, can you shorten it and how?

A NHS surgeon told me that because I have had 2 operations already, he wouldn't advise against a 3rd rhinoplasty.

Is a chemical peel & chin augmentation suitable at the age of 16?

Realistically would it be possible to remove 2-3mm's off the tip of the nose or will that lead to de-strengthening the nose?

I'm on 8 month post op, I had a surgery on my nose tip and it's still hard and swollen. Is it normal after this long time?

I'm very attracted to the idea of being able to see what I would look like via digital media. Where about is this based?

I want a nose job but I'm concern a lot about how I gonna look like. Is any possibility to find my apperance before the procedure?

The first operation did not reduce the size of my nose, will that make it problematic to reduce it through a second operation?

I am interested in plastic surgery to reshape my nose, how much would it cost me to do it at your clinic?

Is it possible to elevate the top of the cheek with filler like a soft lift?

I had a serious road accident that resulted in a badly broken nose. Is it too late for me to consider further surgery?

How much would it cost to refine the nostril or the tip of my nose?

How much is a consultation and what is the cost of a chin reduction and rhinoplasty?

Is it possible that the NHS will fund a revision operation due to the mistake made?

The cost for a nose reshaping consultation?

I am a model of mixed afro-caribbean and white european heritage. How long will it be before I can model again?

I am african and I'm wondering how often you carry out ethnic rhinoplasty?

I have quite a large bulbous tip which is my main issue and fairly 'flared' nostrils. Can you make my tip look more defined?

Would you be able to carry out this procedure but with the NHS paying for it?

Can you please advice me if liposuction is best for my case and if yes what is the best liposuction for the face?

What is your average price of rhinoplasty?

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