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Face Surgery FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I really want to have a rhinoplasty.

Thinking of having my eyes done any advice and prices?

What is the maximun price for a nose job?

Would Endotine be suitable for me?

Should I have a second opinion on my revision rhinoplasty?

I would like to reduce the size of my nose both in length and width.

What is the price for smas facelift with perhaps a little fat transfer?

I really want to get my nose done, could you tell me where your surgery is based?

I wish to know how much is for a face lift surgery?

What is the total cost of a second rhinoplasty?

My skin is too thin to having my nose built up.

Is there a cut off age for when you decide it is not practical to undergo a cheek lift?

I have just turned 18 and I have had a problem with my nose all my life.

I am looking to have tip rhinoplasty surgery.

I am interested in jaw angle implants.

Do you do chin augmentation with fillers?

I am interested to change the shape of my nose because of my deviated septum.

I was wondering what is the cost for rhinoplasty?

Can I have a cost estimate and surgery duration for under jaw balance surgery?

I had a dodgy nose job, quite keen to get it sorted.

I had a fracture on my nose some years back and that affects my breathing and speaking.

How old do you have to be and how much does it cost for ear correction?

When I turn 18, am I able to have buccal fat reduction?

My nose seems perfect face on but from the side it's a very noticeable slope.

Should I undergo septoplasty now, or keep my options open and wait for a few years?

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