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Face Surgery FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Do you remove moles from face?

I had rhinoplasty done two years ago. I had it done whilst my nose was broken.

I wish to get rid of my nose implant. How much will it cost?

How much would it cost for a chin readjustment and a nose job?

Would I be able to have a nose job at 15?

I am still very bothered about my nose as too much was taken off.

Is it possible to have buccal fat removal while pregnant?

I had an unwise and unsuccessful chin implant 6 years ago which had to be removed.

I have a rather large forehead, and I would like to lower my hairline by 2 inches.

Might buccal reduction be appropriate to give my face more definition, to highlight my cheek bones and jaw line?

Could you let me know the price for a rhinoplasty and for the first appointment?

What age can you get rhinoplasty at?

Can platysmaplasty be performed as tans alone operation, without any other procedures involved?

My nose is a bit bend causing the right side of my nose not to have a small pointy tip.

I had rhinoplasty abroad recently and I am experiencing some supra-tip swelling!

Is there a operation to reduce the size of my nose?

How much would it cost to slightly reduce both ears?

Can I have my nose done as I loose weight?

Is there a problem of being foreign citizen and have a rhinoplasty done in UK?

I would like to reshape my chin.

I am 17 years old and I want a smooth face.

When I smile my cheeks pop out, will my cheeks naturally chisel out?

What is the price range for a mini neck lift?

Do you offer a monthly payment option for rhinoplasty?

I face some problems relative to my cheeks

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