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Face Surgery FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Breast feeding has resulting in my breast shrinking and drooping. Could you suggest treatments?

I was interested in your submandibular gland reduction and jaw conturing.

I have chubby face, what would be suitable, vaser liposelection or necktite?

I am thinking in having operation on my nose, i just want to know the cost.

Are there any risks when having a rhinoplasty?

I have been thinking about rhinoplasty and wonder how the consultation will be.

I am interested in having a brow lift and rhinoplasty.

How much does Otoplasty roughly cost?

I am interested in finding out more about malar augmentation.

I am interested in rhinoplasty both for the bridge of the nose and the tip.

I am considering having my nose done.

I would love a smaller nose. What would be the cost for nose surgery?

I've been looking into getting 'ear pointing' done?

How much is a chin remodelling?

Could you tell me more about your forehead surgery for men?

I am interested in cheek implants and chin remodelling.

The septum correction could interfere with the possibility of having a rhinoplasty in the future?

I underwent a rhinoplasty 2 years ago to correct the problems of an accident.

I am interested in the buccal fat reduction surgery.

I have a bump on the nose, can it be fixed?

I want a direct neck lift?

How much is your reduction rhinoplasty procedure?

How much is a fat transfer on the face?

Could you give me a price for secondary rhinoplasty?

I am interested in rhinoplasty.

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