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Face Surgery FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Are you doing dermabrasion or excision for tattoos.

Can you do punch excision for ice pick - pitted acne scars?

I have dents under my eyes, can I get this pulled through surgery?

I think my nose is big and ugly, I want it higher and pointer.

How much does it cost for liposuction to the jawline and under the chin?

Do you perform split earlobe repair surgery?

How much would it cost for an earlobe reduction?

Can a nose, starting from the top be straightened?

I am 48 and interested in having my nose reshaped.

I have been considering having a nose job, but I am concerned about losing my ethnicity.

Can I have a secondary rhinoplasty, after having the first more than a year ago?

Would a scar revision be an effective treatment for facial scars from chickenpox?

Endotine cheek lift - once the device has secured in place, is it likely that they can become loose?

I require facial liposuction. How much would this cost?

I am thinking of a facelift and eye bags and lids reduction. Do the prices change?

I would like to know how much is a nose reshaping surgery?

I am interested in cheek implants and jaw remodelling. How much does it cost?

Are you able to perform rhinoplasty and chin augmentation under local anaesthetic?

I want my earlobes made smaller. How much will it cost?

I have a small bit of fat in my lower eyes. Would a skin pinch help?

I have a hypertrophic scar on my upper lip, do you consider this kind of correction?

I am interested in buccal fat removal, do you have discounts for students?

I had surgery on my chin and a doctor has completely ruined my face.

I would like to book a consultation to discuss the cost of jaw reduction.

I want to make my face thinner, smaller and to remove all the fat.

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