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Non Surgical Treatments FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I want to reduce the bridge of my nose and nasal tip.

I am interested in fat transfer to the calf region.

Could a fat transfer give me the hourglass shape?

I am interested in the chemical peel and need to know the price.

I am thinking about having fat transferred from my stomach into my buttock.

Do you offer the hyaluronidase injection, how much does it cost?

I am just inquiring if you do fat transfer to the face, if so how much would it cost?

Can I have fat injections in my dark circle area and the dips in the jowl area?

Do you perform a pre jowl implant?

I have dents on both hips, or what might be called a gluteal depression.

How much would it cost to dissolve some hyaluronic acid from my nose?

I am distressed by the hollows in my tear troughs

Is fat transfer used for treating rolling scars present on cheeks?

Am I a suitable candidate for a brow lift at the age of 22?

I am 17 years old and I want to get fat transfer.

I have been searching for a treatment to reduce or completely remove my dark under eyes.

I would like to undergo a chemical peeling TCA to remove a scar on my arm.

I have puffy under eyes at the top of cheek.

Can Obagi Nu-Derm scar? I heard if it is not done properly, it can leave scars.

Since I was 11 I have had extreme veins and a little bit of black bags under my eyes.

I had cold sores around my mouth about 6 weeks ago and have now been left with dark shadowing.

Do you offer the hyaluronidase treatment and how much would your costs be?

I had Sculptra and I am left with a visible lump in one side.

I am interested about the price for Restylane injections?

I am interested in having lip fillers.

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