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Rhinoplasty FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

How much approximately will it cost for minor soft tissue nose reshaping under local anaesthetic?

I want my nose to be normal and symmetrical, is there any way possible?

I have a columella notch and will be having a revision please can you advise how much swelling and bleeding will it cause?

I am anticipating a revision rhinoplasty to fix a hanging columella and to lower nostril rims.

Does getting a nose job, leave you with a mark?

I am HIV positive, will this affect my chances of getting nose surgery?

I am looking to go into the modelling career but the shape of my nose is holding me back.

I was looking to get a septorhinoplasty and soft tissue chin reduction but wanted orthodontics.

I want to increase the length of my nose and also want to make it like an Indian actress.

I am looking to undergo rhinoplasty to shorten the length of my nose but I have rosacea.

Please would you let me know if there is a charge to come in for a consultation for rhinoplasty surgery?

I have a bump inside my nose that causes it to be a bit bent and difficult for me to breathe.

How old do I have to be to come and design my nose with 3d imagining?

I am a 43 years old male and I would like to have a nose tip reduction.

I am interested in rhinoplasty but I suffer from regular nose bleeds.

I just wanted to know is having thick skin a disadvantage for rhinoplasty and how can you tell if you actually have thick skin?

Do you have expertise in Asian plastic surgeries?

How much would it cost just to have an initial consultation, to get some 3D imaging done?

I have always had a long big nose with a slight hump but since last 3 years my nose has grown even bigger.

I am of Pakistani origin and have a nasal hump as well as a bulbous dropping tip that I have been looking to correct for a number of years.

I am a 20 year old male caucasian, with a boxy tip and thick skin, I am looking for refinement of the tip.

I am interested in having a nose job to correct my asymmetrical nostrils and refine my slightly bulbous tip.

I need a columella scar revision but I had silicone injections.

My concern is about my excessive tip length, apart from rotation, can it really be decreased by surgery?

After a nose surgery I still have a very long and wide nose and still small hump remaining.

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