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Rhinoplasty FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I want to have my nose fixed so that I look normal again.

The side of my nose is thick, could this be revised in a revision rhinoplasty?

Is there any procedure you could recommend for reshaping the nostrils?

I am interested in nasal bump removal.

I am suffering of pemphigus vulgaris and I would like to know if I can be a right candidate for rhinoplasty?

I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure for a large hump removal and now I have a visible indentation on my bridge.

I am interested in reshaping and narrowing the tip of my nose but it seems I have too much skin on the tip.

Would Propecia treatment affect healing following rhinoplasty?

I had previous nose surgery and my columella scar did not heal well, can you fix this in office?

How long till you would perform a revision rhinoplasty?

I just wanted to know during rhinoplasty surgery is a tube needed to go down your throat?

Can you attend a consultation when you are 17, to eventually have the procedure when you are 18?

I broke my nose and I feel like my tip is too big.

I wanted to request some information on ethnic nose reshaping?

I just wanted to know, is rhinoplasty a one off, permanent thing.

My nose is wide, bone is straight but nostrils are crooked and wide. The tip of my nose is little ahead of my lips.

I had a nose surgery after I broke my nose and I still have slight breathing problems.

Many years ago my nose was damaged and my whole profile from the front view has changed.

I would like to know what are my best options for breast enlargement, skin peel and secondary rhinoplasty?

Could you tell me what would it cost to have an open rhinoplasty and a chin implant in a combined procedure?

I would like to know if you do ethnic rhinoplasty?

Could I combine a neck lift and a rhinoplasty?

My nose is small and flat, is it possible to make it look better?

I had rhinoplasty a number of years ago and the swelling is quite bad.

I am interested to have a 3D rhinoplasty planning.

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